Bluestone clay history

logo68.jpg (6709 bytes)An important part of healing clay is its history, unfortunately bluestone clay has no recorded history, but that's not to say there is no history.
bluetn.jpg (14824 bytes)The reality is, It does have a very impressive unwritten history that goes far back in time and defies all known written history.
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Unfortunately the important native history that  did not fit  the known written history,  was forbidden,  ignored and eventually forgotten.
I however was very fortunate to spend time with a old Indian shaman from the local tribe.   He told me stuff that he could not tell his own people because they were taught not to accept the  history that he was handed by his elders..

Before we get into this history, its  important to show the location of this amassing clay deposit and to under stand what type of deposit it is.
This is key to understanding the real history of this amassing  healing clay deposit..

Located on the shores of the most accessible and safest sound in the north west pacific ocean is a dormant volcano.vimap.jpg (179893 bytes) This volcano has volcanic dikes that stamp  it like a giant cross.

This location has made it accessible to any seafaring culture in the world who had the desire and means to travel the world for riches.

The clay deposit, located in the 2 draws on this lost dormant volcano  is what is called a kaolin or load clay, it comes directly from the volcanic dikes that cut the mountain in 2 half's like a cross. 
This cross of volcanic rock has deposited precious minerals, rare earth's and gems of all types on the slopes of this  lost volcano. But I think what is the most impressive is the blue clay that first drew me to this mountain and its riches.
28 years ago I walked into an old mine, a hole in the ground where the walls where blue as blue can be. At my feet the gold and silver gleamed , but it was the blue that got me excited.
hoswammen.jpg (27193 bytes)
This blue clay could  very well  be the beginning of the lost blue lead. A ancient   river of blue clay that started its journey millions of years ago.  It is now broken up and is found in small sections flowing from north to south along the west coast of north America.

The mountain's  soft southern slopes and the islands in front of it have been ice free for ever, its a  refuguium which means the clay in the two stream are as old as time its self.
This environment has naturally sorted out the heavy metals from the clay and has laid the silver, gold and other heavy metals directly on the bed rock, leaving us with this silica rich deposit of blue clay. bluegrndtn.jpg (40619 bytes)
Many prospectors have come to mine the clay in the past and the evidence has been left in the streams,  on the shores, at the base of the mountain and even hidden in the history books. 

I will warn you , the history of this spot defies what we know from the written word, but then it is also true that there has never been a archeological investigation into any historical evidence of cultures other then the Indians of the area.    

The few archeological digs that where done by the Indians had found evidence of others, but the artifacts that where not Indians where tossed aside and not recorded..
There was even Clovis felsite arrow heads, this does not surprise me because the north south dike that created the south slope clay, is a felcite dike and there is evidence that it was mined long ago.

Its written  that Magellan sailed for 3 years in his trip around the world, in his some what small ocean going ships.
I would like to point out, today people row across the ocean in 1 man rowboats.

vinil.jpg (42005 bytes)1000 years ago The Vikings sailed from Greenland for 4 months to get to the lost island of Vinland in ships the size of Magellan's ships. 
The Greek's and Roman ships averaged 120 feet long and some where as big as 400 feet.
The Phoenicians went for a 3 year journey to get gold and other riches from ophire.
King Solomon sailed his ocean going fleet for 3 years to get gold for his Kingdome.
The thing they had in common with Magellan was the length of there voyages, but there ships where fare larger, very seaworthy and had a alternate means of power..
Even Cleopatra the queen of Egypt had a navy, which she  sent to the sea to  get blue clay for her baths.

When children go to sleep there dreams are filled with pirates , lost kingdoms, lost mines and adventure we only see in the movies.
On the west coast of Vancouver island is a place where these dreams are real, a place where legends are created..
Pirates, lost gold mines and even lost civilizations comparable to Atlantis.
This may appear to be a dream, but the reality is , it exists. The problem is , history   has not been looked into, in order to make it the written word  yet.
eviship1.jpg (46057 bytes)The Vikings , Romans,  Phoenicians and even Egyptians all possessed the ships and drive  to sail the oceans in search of  riches. But sadly we don't give them credit for traveling past the documented world in there search for lost riches.
I think the written word is wrong and think they did sail to this island in search of its resources.
Like the Vikings, these people where called "the people of motion" and where explorers.
Now that we have got your attention, I want to explain why this site was so important to these people and why I think this clay deposit is unique in the world.

The best evidence from  the most important miners was monuments left in caves  on the ocean.
These   monuments where created so that there descendent could find it in the future and re open the mines.
Over 15 years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting these caves with the old Indian shaman, he said his stories where older then his people and are about the people from the beginning of time.
He said they where  a bearded white seafaring people who lived here and traveled the seas since before the last ice age. Evidence shows they  mined and lived in the sound before and during the time his people where here and  evidence shows  there descendents have been appearing on this mountain to take its treasures ever since the original people left.  .
The question is, did they mine for the minerals or did they see the healing potential of the clay as well.
I think they did both.
28 years ago I found an old mine  that was lined in a blue clay rich hard pan.   It did not take long to realize this was a mine from the legends of the town.
BMSMT1.jpg (14259 bytes)This mountain in the back of the main harbor is the front side of the volcano and the dikes cross right at the top of it, it is also the location of the trail that would take you to this mountain.
The island in front of the harbor has a beach and spot to camp on. I Suspected ,  if you where a foreign peoples visiting, this would be the perfect spot to camp.
I bought  a metal detector and have done my own investigation.
What do you know,  I found a piece of  body armor  breast plate made of bronze. It was found at a depth of 20 inches and could only have gotten there a long time ago , the question is, who dropped it , it was definitely not the Indians.
The  year after I found the blue clay hole, I read a legend in a book written by a local about  "a miniature mountain".   I knew the mountain with the mines had to be the mountain in the cave, so I set out to see it, this is the legend I read 28 years ago.
An interesting note is , on the solstice sun, the island in front of the bay, blocks the sun , the mountain turns a  reddish color and the shore turns black.

Chief Louie's Legend
"The cave of  Koa swilth
mountian1.jpg (4716 bytes)The cave of  Koa swilth "the thunder caves" can be approached by paddling  through the kelp beds which lie off shore to a tiny little harbor in which a landing can be made on a shelf of rock about a hundred yards from the mouth if the cave .

Entering an arched portal into the gloom of the cave there is a round pool of water some 12 feet from side to side . Dscf0014.jpg (114751 bytes)A mosaic of multi colored sea growth in shades of orange, yellow cerise red crimson lake and purple hue lines the sides below and above the level of the water, in the placid surface of which the colors are mirrored blending with the reflection of the olive greens ochre's of the vaulted roof.

What appears to be a miniature mountain range rose collared red is set in a dark heart shape frame of rock. it is placed on the wall at the end of the cave. Climb around the slippery sides of the pool and their is a second cave longer and deeper then the first one. A miniature mountain range rises  from the flour, perfect in every detail, serrated peaks, precipitous gorges and bold bluffs. Along the foot of the range lies a miniature lake. Through the second cave, the setting sun of the summer solstice shines in the, in such a manner as to light the upper slopes and peaks of the diminutive mountain range, revealing rich tints of gold and giving the effects of a sunset scene. the legend ended with "is it the bluestone cave"

lighthouse2.jpg (6192 bytes)This was a cave I knew very well as it was just a 20 minute hike from the school I went to as a kid.
SSDOUG11.JPG (92799 bytes)Knowing the importance of the solstice to ancient cultures, I went to go see if the miniature mountain would turn to gold on the setting solstice sun.

This was the picture I took in 1986 and as you can see , it did turn to gold.
This was when I realized I had found a map to this lost mine and knew I had found a very important part of history.
This lead me to search for more evidence, I  asked  a elder if there where any other caves with the dome in them and he told me  to go to the other side of the mountain and look at the cave he called the old women's cave. He said there was another of these domes in it and it was covered with petroglyphs.

This cave is located right on the ocean and is protected from the sea behind huge boulders. It is also located at the spot where the blue lead  stream enters the ocean and after some examination it appears it is a very ancient smelter. When I took the old shaman to see the cave he told me.menf.jpg (6684 bytes)
"This cave has a very important story to tell, you are not to tell any one about this place  , unless they are willing to learn more and to discover what its all about ,  then you can  take them here and they can pray and uncover what its all about".
This was when he told me about the people from the beginning of time and pointed out the painting on the wall showing a self portrait of the artist who created the caves.

men11.jpg (6637 bytes)I have researched legends from around the world and It has been a passion of mine for over 25 years to try understand what I found.
  In my research  I have learned something about the many  native legends. They claim they come from the "people from the beginning of time".

There are many legends that talk about these people but they are written off as fantasy, a good example is in a book called "the daughters of copper women". warface].jpg (96978 bytes)
Its called a fantasy mostly because of the fact its all about the girls with the green eyes and talked about the lost gold mines the Spanish found years ago.

Another good read is a book called "legends of Vancouver" one legend tells why  the people from the beginning of time left.
Although this mountain  is in a very accessible spot, it was  well hidden from the modern prospectors in the 1900's   because  all its creeks flow directly out to sea.

I would like to point out that when something is lost, you will only find it where it is.
   With that said
I was the first one to stake the ground in legal mining claims in recorded history, so I guess you could say, I found the volcano that was once lost.
The caves where never recorded and exposed for what they are  so I guess you could say, I found them.
The clay had never been exposed or used in the last 100 years  as well, so I guess you could say, I found it as well.
The homeland of the people from the beginning of time has also never been found, so again, I found that as well.
walt.JPG (34611 bytes)
The chemical analysis of this clay shows it is not only unique, but that it hold valuable minerals and rare earth's.
This mountain and  valley is  unique in the world because it is protected by caves that stand as markers to this amazing place.

This next legend is about a lost valley of healing clay, I pulled it off another clay site selling a marine clay, but I believe it is a legend about the valley behind the caves.
I feel it is a legend about the clay mines from the people from the beginning of time, as it states the clay is "high above the rain forest in  a far away hidden valley, which was the home of the healing clay."

solsticecave1.jpg (57586 bytes)
The legend
In the distant past when the North West Coast of the American Continent was just beginning to emerge from the last great ice age, many legends were born. One of these magical myths, handed down by the Elders, describes the story of a revered coastal chieftain who was wounded in a battle with a Great Bear Spirit.eagle.jpg (38033 bytes)

The chief suffered many wounds and was left by the Bear Spirit for dead. The mighty Eagle Spirit found the great chieftain, picked him up with his mighty talons and carried him high above the rain forest to a far away hidden valley, which was the home of the healing clay.

The legends say that the valley was the protector of this magical blue/green substance that could cleanse and heal all wounds. Eagle Spirit gently laid the chieftain in a clay bed where his wounds healed, as if by magic. The clay, as told by the Eagle Spirit, “is to be used for healing and purifying and is nature’s gift to all”. befor_after.jpg (140497 bytes)Aboriginal people have used the healing clay for centuries to cure burns, bites and wounds. The clay also holds beauty secrets, reviving up the circulation that helps purify and detoxify the skin, producing a healthy beautiful glow.

I realize this is a lot to take in and it  may sound like the rantings of a crazy man and 
I am not  demanding  you    believe this, just think about it before you dismiss it...  

You can believe what you want, stay safe and accept the written word, or take the risk and see the unwritten word that may one day become the real history about this lost paradise.

The Vinland map was drawn by Leif Erikson to help him re locate the lost island of vinland the good.   In your mind,  compare it to Vancouver island  and ask your self, did Leif Erikson come come to Vancouver island to try colonize his for fathers lost homestead?

The miniature mountain in the bluestone cave is the same as the mountain and could only be a map to the mountain, again  ask your self.
Could man chip away at this rock in this cave to make it, at a time when other men where building pyramids.
The paintings of  the people from the beginning of time where left as evidence they where here .

Think about the cave paintings from France, painted 20 thousand years ago and ask your self, is it possible some one painted a self portrait in a cave on Vancouver island only a few thousand years ago.
shipsize.jpg (52442 bytes)
To get a feel for the size difference between Magellan's ship and the biggest Greek ships, the picture tells it all. Magellan's 60 foot ship is on the right corner and  the 420 foot ship is a Greek ship.
This ship had 4000 oarsmen, so for them to sail to the Americas and row back would be a piece of  cake. To say they did not because it is written in the history books they did not, is kinda pathetic.

According to the old chief  I knew very well , these caves where only known about   by a few Indians , the shamans and the harpoon men.
He said, when the harpoon men would see the people from the beginning of time   returned by boat  and would   take them  to the shaman in the cave.
bclay.jpg (119633 bytes)

I am mining and selling this clay as a cosmetic clay and want to share what I feel is the real history of it. With the profits from the sales I intend to do my own archeological investigations to prove there is a very important history associated with this amazing mountain.
You can do your part by just sharing this page with others to help get the word out.