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Welcome to Bamfield, the  gateway to paradise.
Its after the 2017 season and i am finally updating my site, sorry it took so long but it has been a crazy summer, full of amazing and fun tours. Hmm how time flies, Its now 2021, well I have changed the adventure, now the kids raise the pirate flag. If you want to see a cool adventure some repeat family's had, have a look at my youtube video called hats off 2. You will have to bare with me, i am trying to up date the site but by useing code, to see the hats off 2 video follow the purple link below. if you want to see the whale video follow the whale picture linik.
I did post a few videos to my youtube account but never put them on this site.
Even though i got the best video of whales and the best show i have ever seen,
this was a summer of very few whales.  to see the video follow the link to
"fun with whales"

The 2 Italian guys had a different adventure and the video tells the story well.  To see there adventure see "2 ragazzi Italiani".

For some of the other videos, link to the picture to the right and join some one on there adventure aboard the  pirate ship.

The Pirate Tour
Step abroad my 27 foot  boat  and lets go explore paradise.

My tour is a simple one, we will leave port desire and sail past the
 eagles nests.

When we get to the mouth of the Bamfield harbour, we can cruise
 down the harbour or just head out into paradise.

If you want to see what the weather is doing visit
the web cam located on the Bamfield marine science center. 
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 To book a tour call Paul @
             or my cell at 
            250 731-3911

           [email protected]                                                            
                                  Youtube adventures
I video some adventures and place them on youtube then link them to my web.


If you wish to take a virtual tour just click on a picture on the right side.
If the picture is a red face a video has not been added.
To see the boat and some of what i have to offer follow
this link.  >>>>    
Pirate boat tours 2013 

To see a video I madDSCF0163.jpg (347507 bytes)e of the 2015 hump back whales   follow this link.


We have resident gray whales and humpbacks come and go.
If you are really lucky you may see some killer whales but it is not likely.


20140902104650(1).jpg (1575136 bytes) I had 2 ladies who wanted to catch a fish and have a adventure aboard the pirate ship. To see there adventure follow the link.
Killer whale adventure video aboard the pirate ship


In 2016 and my friends from a church group
in Vancouver had a interesting encounter from a
mama gray whale and her pup.  I think they thought i was another whale,
my boat has a big keel that may look like a fin and its very quite


It's very Affordable.

My tour is not expensive, I charge $50 per hour and That is not per person.
This gets you  me, the boat and a experience you will not forget.

Its important you understand why so cheap.

he boat hull is a sail boat hull, this makes it very safe, very stable
and very comfortable. It also means my boat is

This is a good thing , it means you do not pound over the waves like a
normal whale watching boat with 300 horses behind you.
You glide comfortably over the waves with 15 horses pushing you slowly
and safely, this way you get to see the view, not see the blur.

The fuel and expenses are very minimal so I am passing the saving on to you.

I prefer to take a max of 5 people, but extra kids can squeeze in.

Now that you know my boat how bout I tell you bout me.

I am not a new comer to Bamfield,  I moved here when I was 8 years old and
my parents had no choice but to follow me.
that was over  44 years ago.
I have been exploring the history of the area and know the forest very well.

History tours8coins2.jpg (48613 bytes) 
There is one thing Bamfield has and that is history, Lots of history.
That is why the pirate tour is really a history tour.

Pauline Johnson said it well in her book "legends of Vancouver" when she described
the ancient rock art  " is it the handy craft of man, or a whim of nature"

There was a very unique discovery made this year67200865.jpg (259035 bytes) in the pacific rim national park.
It is a rock face that appears to be peaking out from the forest.
Follow the link to the news reports
about the rock face that was discovered.

Clip_11.jpg (54220 bytes)

man.jpg (289074 bytes)This rock art is not  new to me, I have been trying to get the government people to come see it for 25 years and it has been the main part of my tours for over 10 years.
If you wish to see the extent of the art we have in barkly sound and beyond
follow this link.
If you want to go see the rock face that has created such a buzz ill take you there, but be prepared to see the rest of the rock art that the powers that be say is fictitious.



Bird watching

The eagles are funny , when they see me coming
they fly out and greet me then follow me around and will come right beside the boat and show there tallons.
If you are fast; you can get a good picture.


sealion.jpg (1774777 bytes)Seals and Sealions are guaranteed if you want to make the trek to go see the sea lions , they are just laying on the rocks.
Its very impressive and well worth the trip.
Watch for the videoI will be posting soon.

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The Pirate Shippirateship2.jpg (2608088 bytes)
To find my boat make your way down to the Bamfield Centennial Park
and go to the centennial park dock located at the boat launch.
When you see it remember,
its affordable and it's a pirate ship.
The boat shed at the end of the dock has the Bamfield fire boat in it.

My boat is parked beside it, just look for the giant raccoon .
If the boat is not there, I am out exploring the sound or fishing and can be

reached on my cell.

 Bears bears bears
You want to see bears, all we have to do is go out at low tide
and you can see the bears feeding on the beaches.
Dounia is from Switzerland and she wanted to
see bears, we saw bears and as you can see by the   smile , she was impressed.

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I do like to fish and fish seem to like me and my boat.
If you want to fish,  I can be persuaded to toss out a line or two,
I will say my boat is comfortable to fish from and my rates
are far less then most other boats.

To see me catching a fish watch the video.
salmon by by


Giant tree tour.
Bamfield has some giant trees left, eventually they
will all be gone except in parks. If you want I can point 2014june 002.jpg (4928797 bytes)
out 2 trees right in the town that are over 10 feet in diameter.
They are easy to get to and  you can hike to them your self.
If you want to see this giant,  I can take you to see this massive tree, it is out on Edward king island.
I have not measured it yet but   I would say it is over 20 feet in diameter at the base.
We can tow out the   row boat and go to a beach that can only be described as paradise.
If we combine a short pirate tour, it would take about 4 to 5  hours to do.     
The tree is just behind the beach and it takes about a 5 minute
hike from the beach to get to this giant Cedar tree.

Accommodations in Bamfield.

How do you get to Bamfield?

To get to Bamfield, drive to port Alberni and turn left on Redford street and third Ave ,then follow the signs.

Once you are in Bamfield, print out this map to get around.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

To contact me call "PAUL" @
Its best to call between 8 am to 9 am or after 6 PM to 9 PM
If i am on the water call my cell phone @
250 731 3911.
you can e mail me @

[email protected]

For those who are nervous about being on the ocean, these guys are the local
coast guard and are based in Bamfield, one call and Don  will be there is less

then 5 minutes. My boat is a 27 foot sail boat powered by a out board and
because it is a sail boat it is extremely seaworthy..