BlueStoneClay Test page

On this page I will show you the tests I have done and walk you through them.
Its important to test clays to make sure they meet the governments Specifications.

Its important when you chose a clay you ask for test results.
In all countries there are 5 heavy metals they consider to be un safe , most all clays
will have them, but there are minimum levels.
These are as follows in Canada .  
lead            [Pb]       10ppm       
arsenic        [As]      3 ppm       
cadmium     [Cd]      3 ppm      
mercury      [Hg]       3 ppm     
antimony     [Sb]       5 ppm       

I can assure you my clay meets all these 5 dangerous metals ,to feel safe you can look at the tests and see for your self.
       north and south slope blue clay test.
        clayassaytn.jpg (10952 bytes)

Most clays are very bacteria free, but it is best to get the results for these as well.
This is the test for the north slope [Somerset] clay and the south slope [Michigan] clay. I am just waiting for the interpretation.

bacteriatesttn.jpg (10342 bytes)

It is important to insure that the clay is not to radioactive and from what I understand it is good to have a touch of radium.
This is my north slope blue clay  test for radioactive ictatopes, all but the radium is even with the base line, the  radium  is a tiny bit elevated which is not enough to worry about . for more information about the benefits of radium in blue clay visit these two pages.

radiationtesttn.jpg (40970 bytes)