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Its important to test clays to make sure they meet the governments Specifications for a safe product,
 but as noted in the email from health canada, it is up to the company to insure it is safe.

Dear Paul,
It is the company's responsibility to ensure that a cosmetic product is
safe when used as intended. Section 16 of the Food and Drugs Act states
that no person shall sell a cosmetic product that has in it any substance
that may injure the health of the user when the cosmetic is used according
to its customary method.
There is no specific reference to mandatory testing of cosmetic products.
Sections 29 and 30 of the Cosmetic Regulations state that evidence of the
safety of a cosmetic product must be provided if requested by Health
Canada. When a request to submit safety evidence is made, the information
must be provided within the period of time specified.
   There is no requirement for MSDS to be completed for cosmetics.

 Regards,   David Hsin
 Product Safety Officer
Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety
British Columbia Region
Health Canada

#400 - 4595 Canada Way

With that said, Its important when you chose a clay, you ask for test results  for the nasty 5heavy metals

In all countries there are 5 heavy metals they consider to be un safe , most all clays
will have them, but there are minimum levels.
Canadain safe levels below                                                        Mountain clay levels

lead            [Pb]       10ppm                        lead           [Pb]       6  ppm       
arsenic        [As]      3 ppm                         arsenic        [As]       1  ppm
cadmium     [Cd]      3 ppm                         cadmium     [Cd]      0.5 ppm      
mercury      [Hg]       3 ppm                        mercury      [Hg]    0.058 ppm 
antimony     [Sb]       5 ppm                        antimony     [Sb]       0.15 ppm 

I can assure you my clay's meets all these 5 dangerous metals,  to feel safe you can look at the tests and see for your self.
North and south slope blue clay mineral test page, not only does it meet the safe levels but it also has many rare earths in it , when compared to French green clay the two are very similar.

If you want more info send me a email and i will send you more.


As I mentioned , my clay is unique in that is has tiny healing gemstones in it.

This test is the
Quantitative Phase Analysis showing the percentage of each.