Healing clay from around the world.
Bluestone clay is strictly a cosmetic clay and i give no claim to healing powers of my clay.
i cant speak for   other companies that claim there clay has therapudic properties..

To best understand how special these  clays are, visit the  pages listed below..



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for 3 years now i have been researching    clays from around the world and i have learned lots.
what i want to do with this page is help you decide which clay would best suit you and what to be cautious about and to show how special clays are.

To test the color of healing clay there is a easy way to do it, put it on your hand and let it dry, if it turns blue when it is dry, then you have a goodcardboard1atn.jpg (80839 bytes) blue clay, you can also put it on a piece of cardboard, the brown color of the cardboard reflects the brown color of the skin.
it will reflect the color of the clay wet and dry.
to see the true color of my clay click on the card board link I have. >>>>>>>>>>>>

I am starting to realize how special my clay really is and feel it is important to insure it is safe for you.

first lets start with the canadain
safeassay.jpg (24610 bytes) regulations with regard to the dangerous heavy metals,  these are lead   arsenic   mecury   cadmium and antimony.

I am starting to realize how special my clay really is and feel it is important to insure it is safe for you.
I have done  the heavy metal tests the bacteria's and radioactive isotopes.
To See the full assay on my clays follow this link and you will see I meet the safe levels for the 5 dangerous heavy metals.

I have contacted the government's product safety officer and asked him what i need to test for , he has told me what i should test for and also sent me this email..

It is the company's responsibility to ensure that a cosmetic product is 
safe when used as intended. Section 16 of the Food and Drugs Act states 
that no person shall sell a cosmetic product that has in it any substance 
that may injure the health of the user when the cosmetic is used according 
to its customary method.
There is no specific reference to mandatory testing of cosmetic products. 
Sections 29 and 30 of the Cosmetic Regulations state that evidence of the 
safety of a cosmetic product must be provided if requested by Health 
Canada. When a request to submit safety evidence is made, the information 
must be provided within the period of time specified. 
  There is no requirement for MSDS to be completed for cosmetics.
David Hsin
Product Safety Officer
Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety
British Columbia Region
Health Canada
#400 - 4595 Canada Way

I have met the heavy metal tests and have found my clay to be lab tested safe.

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Hidden under the forest   are pockets  and ancient streams OF  this amassing clay.
The french green
DSCF0096.jpg (323627 bytes)and the cambrian blue clay are the most popular. 
But   I think my clay is unique and its  historical use clearly goes back in time.  

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To see how truly clays are i urge you to visit other sites from around the world.