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  Cosmetic clays  can be found around the world,
Clays when used properly can work wonders on the skin.
When first placed on the skin WET  it adds important minerals to the skin, then as it dries it sucks out the toxins.
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Follow this link to read up on how to best use any clay.

Bluestoneclay comes from the place legends are Created.

Welcome to Bamfield in  Barkley sound , the jewel of the west coast.
Hidden in the mountains forests is one of the  most unique clays in the world.

The mineral rich mountain clay has sat protected  for millions of years and is unlike any other clay.

What is unique is the particle make up of the clay, when first mined it is a dark blue color, but because it is so mixed with the surrounding
alluvial grit we take it and process it in a natural way.

To see how we mine the clay and see the raw color visit this video.

After we mine the clay its taken to the processing facility where
its mixed with water , Its tumbled similar to a stream
processes it's own material ,  the grit is settled out and  we pour off
the clay slurry to get the Emerald green clay.

  North slope clay                              

The north slope clay is a load clay that was born on the mountain volcano
and comes from a volcanic dike.

What makes the north slope clay   unique in the world, is  it has 4 distinct
green stones that make up 37% of the clay .
3 of these make up 27 % and are healing gemstones.
For a short intro to these gems follow the likes to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>

     Special blend                               
Laying at the base of the volcano is pockets of what they call marine
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These clays are a very fine and good quality clay, they are mostly a gray clay and are found all over the west coast.
To see this clay in its natural environment visit my video.
I have come up with a way of getting the best of both clays, I am mixing the 2 clays together  keeping the emerald green color and getting the smooth feel of the marine clay.
if you are interested in buying just the mountain clay for re sale or want to mix with your own glacial marine clay I do sell in bulk.

If you want to buy my special blend I sell it in 300 gram bags .

The clay is  mixed with  seaweed from the local seaweed company Canadian kelp resources.

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Prices for bulk Northslope clay is $20KG.

Price  for the
Special blend seaweed mix .

300 grams for  $16

For more info, orders  or a link to the main web page  send me a email to

History of the bluestone.
I think what makes this clay so
special is the history connected to it.

disclaimer -The north slope clay has been "lab tested safe" but does
not recommended you  ingest the product or get it  in the eyes, nose or ears.

I am in no way claiming my clay has healing powers.

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