BlueStone Clay

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osmetic clays  can be
               found around the world,
               but my clay comes from
               the place legends are

          This mineral rich   mountain clay has sat
                  protected  for millions of years
and is unique
                  in the world. It goes on green, but dries blue.


I now have 2 clays for sale, the north slope clay and the creamy
blue and yellow clay.

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If you want to see us harvest the cream clay visit us on youtube.

If you wish to buy this clay in bulk and re sell on your own
or just have some questions.
email me "Paul" @

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My north slope clay is lab tested safe  and is registered with health Canada as a cosmetic product.
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If you wish to buy some for personal use,
I now have it available in 400 gram  food safe vacuum pack bags.
These make shipping way cheaper as they
fit in a envelope and are mailed as a letter not a package and I am passing this saving on to you.
The cost is  $10 for 400 grams of clay
plus shipping and handling. or $10 per pound
for 2 + pounds.
The cream clay  the supply is very limited
and for this reason we are selling it at a premium.
For cream clay pricing   email me.

To better understand the potential of Cosmetic Clay's, I invite you
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Cosmetic clay's from around the world.
As you can see Cosmetic clay's are  VERY SPECIAL, but the clay I have is unique   and it's historical use goes far back in time, from a time lost in history, possibly even from before the last ice age.

 For a complete list of the assays and tests  follow this link.

For more info 
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grkshp20.gif (25937 bytes)To learn more about the history behind this amassing clay and the mountain it comes from visit my history page.

    History page

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disclaimer -Bluestoneclay,s north slope clay has been "lab tested safe" but does
not recommended you  ingest the product or get it  in the eyes, nose or ears.
If you use the clay in soap or other cosmetics and mix it with other ingredients
its recommended you get it tested to make sure it is safe for you to sell.